Mikyung Kim founded MKIM & CO in 2017, producing TV commercials and online content in partnership with advertising agencies and brands. She has over ten years experience producing campaigns for global brands including Samsung, Nestle and Toyota.

Mikyung began her professional career in Hollywood working with Academy Award winning directors Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and Michel Gondry. She is the former Head of TV at Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong. She is based in Hong Kong and produces campaigns globally.

Mikyung is on instagram at @mkimproducer.

Photo by  Matt Holyoak

Photo by Matt Holyoak



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Mikyung is a professional through and through. The ability to lead and co-ordinate production of multi-million dollar campaigns for global heavy weight clients across multi-markets seamlessly and without a hitch is proven to her immaculate attention to detail. A wonderful woman who brings not just an exceptional level of experience with her but also a human, almost family like bond that makes you smile and embrace each day with her because you know she has every detail covered. Cannot say enough amazing things about her work ethic and incredible positive charm. A unique individual that will always deliver above and beyond.
— Chris Gurney, Executive Creative Director, ADK Global
Having the opportunity to work with Mikyung has been one of my key highlights in 2018. Composed, professional, and understanding the needs of others are words that are too simple to describe her. She never fails to impress me every time we meet on how consistent and controlled she is with her scope of work. Not to mention, she is always caring for everyone on set with her as well. I’d love to have her to form a Dream Team anytime. The experience of almost 9 months working relations is a memory I’ve really appreciated to have. Can never thank her enough for the work she has produced. Looking forward to more hopefully in the near future!
— Kenix Loh, Manager, Toyota Brand Management
Mikyung was my agency partner who worked with me on this particular large scale project that focused on CSR and Sports. Being a creative producer, she has a knack of getting things done and on point. During the time we’ve worked together, I’ve witnessed wit, endurance, optimism and patience throughout. Her meticulous attention to detail allows the project to run smoothly. As accommodating as she is, she ensures that the best quality of work was produced even if it means having to stand firm on representing the client’s stance when dealing with various 3rd parties. And that’s not all. She has a very sweet and kind side to her. Citing example on how she unconditionally took the effort to ensure everyone on set while filming was well-taken care off, from meals to snacks, transportation to sufficient rest. Mikyung is truly a gem who will make you feel as though she’s working WITH you instead of for you. A true professional indeed.
— Kelvin Low, Marketing Specialist, Toyota Brand Management

on producing a global product launch for samsung

Mikyung produced a complex film project involving live action, animation, green screen and product shoot and handled it very professionally, efficiently and to a very high level. Looking forward to working again.
— Nelson Quintal, Global Creative Director, Cheil Worldwide

on producing for huawei

Need to Make a Good Video? Mikyung is the right person to consult! I very much admire Mikyung’s passion and energy in video production. Not only can I count on her for quality delivery at all times, but also her patience and flexibiltiy in any challenging circumstances.
— Michael Lam, Director, Corporate & Marketing Communications, Huawei Technologies

on her role as head of tv at ogilvy

Mikyung is very organized, structured and an extraordinary fast learner in business. She is a business minded production specialist. She embraces changes and dares to take on any challenges regardless of difficulties, that’s her charisma.
— Sandy Ling, Managing Partner, Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong
Mikyung makes work fun and interesting and her work product is first class. I have had the great honour of working with her and look forward to doing so again. She is fantastic at what she does and she does this with a smile and an infectious optimism that makes the whole process a joy.
— Scott Kronick, President & CEO, Ogilvy Public Relations, Asia Pacific
Mikyung is one of the best producers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. She’s got a super calm head on her shoulders and always looks for the best solution. Mikyung always goes above and beyond on whatever project she works on and her passion for creating great work is clear to all who work with her. 13/10. Would recommend.
— Ali Loveday-Herzinger, Executive Producer, Ogilvy & Mather Singapore